The ceilings of Isfahan / by james longley

On the subject of beautiful Iran, I want to share with you some of the fantastic art contained in the mosques and palaces of Isfahan, one of the many historical capitals of Iran. I visited Isfahan in 2009, and recent events have me looking through the images again and wondering at the beauty that was created there.

The ceiling of a back staircase leading up the the seat of power:

Some of the designs are so intricate, it's amazing that they were made by people. A long, long time ago.

I could have just stayed there all day gawking at the majesty of classical Persian and Islamic art and design.

A group of Iranian schoolgirls tours the great mosque complex at Isfahan's palace square.

A ceiling was under restoration at the 40 Pillars Palace (Chehel Sotoun) in Isfahan. Since I visited six years ago, the interior of this palace has been almost completely restored.